This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths,
And lying in a manger.
Luke 2:12

A Night made for Miracles
Copyright©Jean Cullop Reproduced with permission

Beneath a starlit sky the town lies still.
Sheep are grazing peacefully beside the hill.
Silver shadows fall, cast by the moon above.
The night air whispers miracles,
Miracles of love.

Beneath the world awaits the gift sublime;
The moment planned by God before all Time.
Ox and assin awesome silence lay
And with gentle eyes of love they watch
The girl upon the hay

Then with a cry the miracle’s begun,
Eternit and Time unite as one,
Angels touching Earth in their music tell,
Of a Baby’s cry that brings Heaven’s door
A heartbeat from hell.

God’s saving grace is now free to all
As each child responds to this Child’s call.
To those who answer He’ll come, gentle as a dove.
This night was made for miracles,
Miracles of love.

A New Year’s Prayer

Father, thank You for the year that has ended, for all You have done for us,
for the gift of Your son Jesus, who was born that we might live,
for our families and friends,

for the times You have rejoiced with us in our happiness,
the times You have helped us through the days when all seemed impossible,
the times that You have comforted us in our sorrows, lifting and sustaining us.

We pray for the coming Year,
and ask that You will direct us where You want us to go,
that we will willingly follow the path;
that You will walk with us day by day, guiding and directing us,
giving us strength to face what each day brings
We pray for our families and friends, that they will know You in their lives.

We pray for peace between nations, respect between people,
that in our World, we all will try to be more like You,
showing love and compassion to all we meet, treating others with dignity.

We pray that we will grow in our faith,
that through our example others will come to know and love You.

Help us always to remember that You are the way, the life and the truth.

In Jesus’ name, Amen

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